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Post Tereshinski outlines his approach

Friday December 3, 2010

Georgia’s new strength program had a conference call with the media on Friday, and he gave several clues as to the direction his program will take.

One of the key points in Tereshinski’s approach will be nutrition. “We’ll have a nutritionist and graduate assistants at the meals and record what they’re eating, and we’ll have counseling. We’re going to record weights, chart their performance, body-fat percentages and weight training,” he explained. Georgia currently does not have a dedicated nutritionist, but that could very well change soon.

He also promised to extend the use of technology in weight training. If you’re not familiar with Georgia’s video program, it’s incredibly involved and impressive. Players and coaches can get on-demand video of any opponent in any situation you can imagine. Tereshinski plans to record workout sessions, and “see what we can correct” after reviewing the sessions. He also emphasized hands-on training in smaller groups which would imply the need for additional staff.

Tereshinski indicated that any additional changes or new staff would happen after the bowl game.

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  • Record their happy meals. Tape their curls and bench presses. I’m amazed CMR has let the S&C program fall this far! I would suggest they improve LSA a great deal. I think they are one of the worst teams at running in the conference. For sure the Dawgs are not an up-tempo, power offense. And their pursuit on defense is so slow. Let’s see what Coach T can pull out of the Wneaties box that they could not find before.

  • Coach Van was a rah rah friend of the kids. I hope Coach T will be more of a drill instructor and lead us out of Mamby Pamby Land.