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Post UT kickoff at 12:21, Oregon series canceled

Monday September 27, 2010

Georgia’s October 9th game against Tennessee has been set for a 12:21 kickoff and will be broadcast by the SEC Network. At this point, both schools should feel lucky that the game isn’t on local cable access. Unfortunately, this pretty much kills any chance of a night game in Athens this year. The Vanderbilt game is Homecoming, and Idaho State will be another early start. With all of that in mind, the Tech game seems to be the last opportunity we’ll have for a kickoff later than 1:00 this year. Michael Adams must be pleased, but it’s not been an enjoyable home schedule.

In other scheduling news, Georgia and Oregon have agreed to cancel the series that was scheduled to take place in 2015 and 2016. It’s unfortunate for those of us looking forward to another interesting trip, but it’s hard to argue the reasoning. This move is one of the first influences of new athletic director Greg McGarity on Georgia’s football schedule. I doubt Mark Richt is complaining. McGarity explains,

“The model that we would establish in the future would have seven home games every year. If you look at the models of other schools that have played for the (BCS) championship lately, there’s always one tough nonconference game.”

Whether you consider the annual Tech game to be that one tough nonconference game, McGarity is speaking from experience when it comes to scheduling for a championship team.

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  • I think McGarity will shape things up for Georgia. It should help the team, but who knows. I think the bulldog nation is confusing “likeability” , with “coachability”. Richt certainly has the first, which usually won’t win championships. Urban Meyers, Bo Schemblecher, Woody Hayes, Alabamas coach, etc. all have coachability and win win win, or won whatever the case. They are all obnoxious , opiniated, short, curt, football geniuses who will kick your ass on the field, thats what Georgia needs. Wake up alumni!