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Post “Fairness” will keep 75% of the Redcoats home on Saturday

Friday September 10, 2010

I had heard during the summer that the full Redcoat Band wasn’t making the trip to Columbia. That seemed strange because 1) the Athletic Association isn’t hurting for cash and 2) the full band typically makes all trips that can reasonably be made without an overnight stay. That includes the Alabama schools, Tennessee, South Carolina/Clemson, and of course Tech.

Sure enough, the Red and Black reports that just a pep band will be supporting Georgia at South Carolina. Did Georgia suddenly come up short of cash? Did a greedy athletic department want to sell those seats to fans? Nope. It all has to do with other SEC schools and some contrived notion of fairness:

“The rest of the athletic associations in the SEC are hurting a little bit, whereas ours is sitting on a budget this year so we are all right…So to be fair to everyone, they cut one of our band trips because all the other band organizations cut their band trips by one.”

Are you kidding me? Because some other SEC programs have to cut back band trips, the school will voluntarily hold back its loudest group of supporters in a key SEC opener on the road. South Carolina will have enough of a homefield advantage without keeping 3/4 of the Redcoats home. Why have a successful program and a budget in the black if you’re not going to use that advantage? Georgia isn’t going to cut back its recruiting budget or its facilities plans because some other SEC school can’t keep up, so why do it here?

I know UGA has made kneecapping itself into an art form, but this is ridiculous.

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  • +1000 for the kneecap remark. We are the Leonardo Devinci of self inflicted punishment.

  • I’m sorry, I just cannot understand or accept this misguided position. With the new leadership at Butts-Mehre I hope next year will see the full band again making these trips. we have the funds and we should not sacrifice the support the band gives. If the other schools can’t or won’t support their bands, tough.

  • Who at Butts-Mehre makes these idiotic decisions? Reeks of Adams/Evans at their collective worse but can’t blame the Damster for this one. Has the SEC become a Borg Collective? Who the hell cares if Miss. St., Miss., Vandy, Arkansas etc. doesn’t have the kind of bucks Bama, Fla, and we have?

    Schools that haven’t been to a Bowl that even covered their expenses in 20 years already get a huge piece of the SEC football pie courtesy of UGA, Bama, UF, Tenn, Auburn,LSU and occasionally SC and Arkansas. Don’t be surprised if there’s a move in the next 3 years to dump the likes of Miss St, Vandy, Ky, South Carolina and Arkansas and make a move to bring in Fla St.,Clemson,Va Tech and Miami to the SEC

  • This should enrage any season ticket holding Bulldawg supporter. If they are going to run a program in the black but then buy into this “fairness” BS then each of us who hold season tickets should be treated “fairly” and given a reduction in our renewal and ticket prices. That should pretty much take care of all the excess cash that our athletic dept is sitting on and doesn’t want to spend to support our team.

  • Don’t you just love liberals!! To say that UGA’s administration is infected with their lunacy is an understatement. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

    Gosh Groo, don’t you have a heart???? Don’t you feel bad for poor little schools that have less than us & can’t field as large of a band? It wouldn’t be FAIR for us to flaunt our success in front of them. That might make them feel bad for their failures. Frankly, i’m pissed that we didn’t give away our instruments & uniforms too. Viva la social justice!!

    You’re evil. And racist. It’s all Bush’s fault….

  • Reeks of Socialistic ideology to me. Why dont we all get together and determine who wins the conference based on Pretty girls in the stands or flashy cars in the parking lots. At least that way, Ole Miss and Vandy have a chance, and the Bootlickers at UF will finally be put in their place (really, have you seen all the Camaros and T-Birds those rednecks drive down there?)