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Post Buy Sanford Stadium BBQ from a Gator

Wednesday September 1, 2010

There are a lot of good ideas going into the improvement of Sanford Stadium, but this isn’t one of them

Other newcomers to the Sanford Stadium concessions partners include southern-favorite Sonny’s BBQ. Offering a range of options such as pulled pork, BBQ chicken and many others, Sonny’s BBQ will be available in the Gate 7 Plaza and the West End lower level.

First of all, with all of the great BBQ in north Georgia, Sonny’s? Was the McRib on the short list?

But is Georgia’s marketing department that desperate for cash or just oblivious to the fact that their latest concessionaire is the spawn of Gainesville? Sonny’s founder Sonny Tillman isn’t just a casual fan of the hometown team either.  He’s a Bull Gator – one of Florida’s highest circle of athletic boosters.  He’s also endowed a scholarship for the university. That’s extremely generous of him, and he’s long since sold the company, but how tone-deaf are the decision-makers at Butts-Mehre for even considering this deal?

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