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Post Bob Stoops agrees: overscheduling puts you at a disadvantage

Wednesday August 11, 2010

We’ve explained for a while that there’s a disincentive for major programs to overschedule. Teams still do it, but the incentives built into the BCS system make it a less-than-optimal strategy. Florida AD Jeremy Foley is on board. Mark Richt seems to think along those lines too.

Add Bob Stoops to the list of co-signers. The money quote:

Everybody talks about (schedule) early. By the end of the year everyone’s talking about wins and losses and you’re ranked accordingly.

We’ve already looked at Oklahoma and how their 2010 schedule favors a good season if they can find some answers at quarterback and a few other spots. They have fair non-conference competition with Florida State headlining the list, but it’s not a murderer’s row this year. Stoops was asked if this view meant he’d try to get out of some future contracts. He admitted, “It’ll be considered. It’s too early to say. I know (athletic director Castiglione) Joe’s looking at that but it’ll be considered.”

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