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Post Gray stays, but are the Dawgs still short a #2 QB?

Thursday May 13, 2010


Yes, Logan Gray has decided to remain at Georgia.  It’s good news in that Georgia’s quarterback picture won’t have to include someone like Bacarri Rambo.  With Gray’s return settled, his ambition to play receiver is the interesting part of this story.

I’m also looking forward to getting some work at receiver and am going to work hard to make the best out of my opportunity at this position as well.

Georgia might only have six receivers, but they’re all pretty good (at the very least), and they’re all experienced. (The six are Green, King, Durham, Brown, Wooten, and Troupe if you need a refresher.) That doesn’t include situations where Branden Smith lines up at receiver or Charles or White flexes out or Georgia goes with a two-TE set to make use of its depth there.  I don’t doubt that Gray could earn some snaps despite all of that, but I also don’t see a relative newcomer to the position suddenly becoming more than a very occasional contributor.

None of that matters – he wants to give it a shot, and the coach seems fine with it. That opportunity might be all that Gray desires, and it would definitely get him on the field in more interesting situations than mop-up QB duty or fair-catching punts. More power to him if he’s able to contribute there.  The question then is how much this news changes a shaky quarterback depth chart.

Few expected Gray to come back and win the QB job once Murray was named the starter, and Mark Richt only emphasized that on Wednesday evening.

“I think (Gray) wants to make a position move and try to see if he can help us in that spot. The chance of that really becoming a QB race, right now it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

A “position move” implies more than just a quarterback sneaking in a few plays at receiver. If Gray is intent on trying his hand at receiver, that’s fine, but it still leaves Georgia in the position of turning to either a true freshman or someone who won’t be as prepared as your typical backup quarterback. It’s good that Gray might be able to help the team in some way, but the quarterback position specifically isn’t much better now than it was with Gray in transfer limbo. It will be telling if the August depth chart lists Mason as the #2 QB – I don’t see why it shouldn’t.

UPDATE: David Hale has more on this story which makes it sound as if Gray will be focusing most of his attention on the receiver position. If Mason – and of course this is a big condition – shows a fair amount of competence in August, he just about has to be named the #2. I’d take an inexperienced guy who’s in the meetings and getting the reps every day over someone more familiar with the playbook whose repetitions and preparation are mostly at another position. It’s not just a matter of Gray stepping back in to QB if the need arises; even ARod needs to take batting practice and stay sharp. Either way, here’s hoping the backup QB is an afterthought this year.

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  • “It’s good that Gray might be able to help the team in some way, but the quarterback position specifically isn’t much better now than it was with Gray in transfer limbo.”

    My sentiments exactly. Happy he’s remaining at UGA, but still worried ab what we’ll do if Aaron gets hurt. Logan already couldn’t manage to beat out Joe Cox or Aaron Murray. With less reps & time focusing on the QB position, he likely won’t be in a position to help us much if (God forbid) Aaron gets hurt. And given Aaron’s injury list, i’m more than just a little nervous. Ugh.

  • Correct.

    I certainly have seen enough of Logan Gray, in his 4th year in this system now today for us, that I know I do not wish to see Logan Gray put back at Quarterback.

    4th year now this year and he has completed 5 passes.

    2 interceptions and 0 TD passes.

    On the same point, this is not good again that we lost 4 games with no Quarterback ready 2006, 5 games with no Quarterback ready 2009, and now again in 2010 we have no Quarterback ready.

    After having DJ Shockley ready (Was that really a promise Coach Shockley forced Coach Richt to make to DJ when Coach Richt Redshirted DJ), Coach Richt I just have to ask the question sir, have you totally forgotten how to get a Quarterback prepared and ready to come in ?

    3 times since ONLY DJ was ready for 2005, here we are in 2010 with no Quarterback ready.

    And, no one behind him at all.

    This is college football.