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Post In which David Hale meets our best fans

Wednesday April 14, 2010

I read this post over at Dawg Sports this morning with its perspective from Arkansas.

That [Mark Richt] is on the hotseat out at Georgia says something about the irrationality of Bulldog fans….I guess it is sorta like it was with us and Houston; others outside a program never quite see a coach in the same light as the program’s fans.

We can debate who’s claiming anything about a hot seat later. Take that post for its perspective. I had that post in mind when I read this tangential reference to the Dawgs by Brian Cook:

He has just as good measurables as other 4-3 LBs in this class, but he’s severely behind in the technique part of it. It’s so apparent for all of FSU’s players that I have to pin it on coaching. If they ended up going to a program like UF or UGA, they would’ve gotten proper coaching and probably both be solid 1st rounders.

That’s right – Cook was quoting an anonymous NFL scout putting the defensive/linebacker coaching at Georgia in the same ballpark as Florida. I wonder how many heads of Georgia fans just exploded. I mean – we teach our guys not to cover anyone, right?

I think that sets up David Hale’s trip through his feedback today. There he finds some very thoughtful comments about the quarterback derby:

Murray overthrew targets and tossed a Stafford style brain fade pass to the defender. I should have known right then he was Bobo’s boy for the job. I have heard enough about picking up nuances and quick releases, it does nothing if the ball isn’t catchable.

That’s classic. All that was missing was the author using “Booboo” and something about “REFUSING TO EXCEPT MEDIOCRATY.” Hale’s response about joyless fans was dead on. We all know the guy (or gal) in our section who gets absolutely no visible enjoyment from Georgia football but still shows up year after year with arms folded waiting to say “that’s Georgia for you” whenever something bad happens. Why do they keep coming back?

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  • I sat in front of that guy and his daughter he was grooming for the job this year at Arizona State. He yelled at her and glared at us like morons for cheering after the blocked field goal. He was so pissed that UGA won.

  • These are my thoughts exactly. And Hale has been pretty aggressive toward people like this lately. I think if we polled the fans we would find Mark Richt’s seat about room temperature.