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Post NFL overtime reform goes halfway, college is just fine

Wednesday March 24, 2010

Doc Saturday asks for thoughts about the NFL’s new overtime rules and what it means for college football. As for the NFL policy itself, it’s not very smart to just go halfway on this. A team only gets possession in overtime if they allow a field goal but not a touchdown? If you’re going to call the current system inadequate, just do the simple thing and allow each team a minimum of one possession regardless of what the other team does with theirs. Will it take Favre watching his defense give up an overtime touchdown before they see this all the way through?

Turning to the college overtime system, I kind of like it the way it is. It’s true that it’s a little too easy to score, and I do like the wrinkle of requiring a two-point try in later rounds of overtime. That one change has prevented a lot of the endless overtimes that we saw during the first few years of the system, and those marathons are much less of a concern now (and truly the exception). If I’d endorse one change, fine – start them at the 40 instead of the 25. But leave the format unchanged otherwise. I don’t mind that it condenses the game down to more of a shootout; you had four quarters to impress us with your punting game and mastery of field position.

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