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Post Not Smart

Monday January 11, 2010

Multiple outlets in Alabama are quoting Nick Saban announcing today that defensive coordinator Kirby Smart will remain at Alabama, turning down an offer from Georgia.

Back to the drawing board…

2 Responses to 'Not Smart'

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  • In 2 years this last month will either be seen as the impetus of Richt’s return to chasing Championships or the turning point that led to his firing.

    Bama was able to conver their debacle w/ Rich Rod by landing the home run in Nick Saban. What we witnessed today was the antithesis unfortunately.

    Hopefully Dawg fans that still labor under the allusion that we are still the program we were in 2004, have begun to face reality. We are a mediocre SEC team at best right now (still better than Big 10, Big 12, ACC, Pac 10 mediocre tho) and what cache we had a few years ago is gone.

    Had Richt gone after the big hire when BVG left i doubt we’d be in the position we are in now. Hell, had Richt fired Willie after last season, i doubt we’d where we are today. Paul Johnson even realizes this & didn’t suffer fools too long. That’s what GREAT Coaches do. “It’s not show friends, it’s show business”

    Either way, we’ve got serious problems within the program, not just on Defense, that require a change of culture and a program rebuild. The fact that zero changes have been made to the Strength & Conditioning Program to date on top of the botched DC hiring process doesn’t exactly fill me with a lot of confidence that Richt is going to get us back to where we were much less contending for crystal footballs.

    As for Kirby, i repeatedly said he’d have to be nuts to leave Bama. I don’t blame him an ounce for not leaving. Anyone looking at the facts, devoid of homer emotions, can see there was NO downside to staying at Bama, but tremendous risk in taking this job. Kudos to him for doing what’s best for his career & his family. And any Dawg fan that wishes anything to the contrary ( & i’ve seen more of that today than i ever want to see again mentioned ab a former player) is no true Dawg fan. Period.

    Back to the drawing board. And back to praying Richt doesn’t let panic dictate his hire choice. I’d rather lose some recruits than make a Willie pt 2 hire just to get someone in place asap. That mistake for sure will be the last nail in his coffin at UGA.

  • Good deal. Now we can go get Tim DeRuyter, a better option at a fraction of the price.