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Post No accounting for taste

Thursday December 10, 2009

I know it’s my job as a Georgia fan to look down on the ACC. OUR 7-5 TEAMS BEAT YER CHAMPS HAHA. That’s more like it. But when I read how bad the ratings were for the ACC Championship game (h/t Get the Picture), especially relative to the Big 12 Championship, I have to ask: what were you all thinking? You were watching the wrong game.

Other than the legendary performance of Suh, the Big 12 game was mind-numbingly awful. I couldn’t turn away from it quickly enough. I know what was at stake – a spot in the BCS title game and even the Heisman. Even that wasn’t enough to hold interest.

Meanwhile the ACC game was compelling from start to finish. Clemson started the scoring right away. It was clear from the start that Spiller – playing through injury – would be a major story. Tech’s relentless option was also in fine form, and Nesbitt dragging his team down the field for a key third quarter touchdown was more impressive and skillful than anything Mr. Sideline Pass did on ABC.

Fortunately I was able to watch both endings and see Texas do their best to give the conference title, national title, and Heisman away. But I also got to see Clemson come back from two scores down before Tech began their slow and inevitable march to the winning score. There was no question which game was more entertaining and a better use of my time. Blame the low ratings on the the fact that it’s ACC football, but I’m surprised that a lot more people didn’t abandon ABC for ESPN as the night went on.

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  • They were both extremely compelling games.

    Do you remember the Auburn/MSU game from a few years ago that ended 3-2? That was one of the most fascinating football games I’ve ever seen. There were several other games on at that time involving better teams but I couldn’t look away. There’s something riveting about watching great defense/awful offense.