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Post One upside to the Independence Bowl

Tuesday December 8, 2009

Reuniting with Ron Franklin.

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  • Took me a second to catch on.

    At least it allows for 3 more weeks of practice.

  • […] Uncle Ron is coming to visit us. Jump to Comments On the one hand, it sucks that ESPN continues to relegate Ron Franklin to its lesser-tier bowl broadcasts.  On the other hand, it’s great for us Dawg fans that the Independence Bowl is a lesser-tier bowl broadcast.  (h/t DawgsOnline) […]

  • I’m confused. Is this post sarcastic? I really like Ron Franklin. And Cunningham has GOT to be better than Bob Davies.

  • Call me crazy but I always liked him. He did some of our more memorable wins…..1991 Clemson game at night comes to mind!