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Post Two guarantees about the coordinator search

Thursday December 3, 2009
  1. You have someone in mind who’s the obvious choice to head up Georgia’s defense.
  2. There’s someone else who thinks that would be a worse hire than Mike Locksley at New Mexico.

I’m not even going to bother with a list because there’s a good chance few will be familiar with the coordinator (and definitely the assistants) Georgia ends up hiring. Mark Richt hasn’t had to make a lot of staff changes, but I don’t recall seeing names like VanGorder or Jancek or Searels before they were brought on. The world of college football is a much bigger one than the same three or four names you’re seeing everywhere.

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  • I heard Dick Lebeau as LB/DC with Tony Dungy coaching the secondary, And Bill Parcells coaching the D-line. I swear it was from a good source.

  • That’s ridiculous. Lebeau’s washed up, and Dungy isn’t tough enough for this program. We might as well have not made the change.

  • im lloyd dobler

    December 3rd, 2009
    4:11 pm


    Two words- Joe Lee Dunn!! Dunn deal

  • Erk Van Gorder – Now that’s a defensive coach.

  • The rumors can stop, I was offered the job earlier tonight and I am bringing along Terry Tate to coach the lbs, I am open to suggestions on the DE coach though I am leaning towards Rick Flair as that dude will get in guys faces. As for special teams I am taking that over and my plan is to have Blair kick it out of the endzone everytime, if he doesn’t I will unleash the former office lb on him.