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Post Stafford’s headed to the Hall of Fame

Wednesday November 25, 2009

Well…at least his jersey is.

Matthew Stafford, the NFL’s first overall pick of the 2009 NFL Draft, had a record-setting and gutsy effort in the Detroit Lions’ thrilling 38-37 victory over the Cleveland Browns in Week 11. The torn jersey he wore on Sunday and a football he threw for one of his five touchdowns in the win were delivered to the Pro Football Hall of Fame Tuesday.

The mementos were promptly placed on exhibit in the Hall of Fame’s Pro Football Today Gallery next to a number of other recent acquisitions from moments that made history this season.

Stafford was also wired for his record-setting performance by NFL Films, and NFL Films president Steve Sabol called it the “most dramatic player wiring ever.” Looking forward to hearing that – over 350 players have been wired since 1965, so a recording called the “most dramatic” out of all of those has to be pretty compelling.

SEE ALSO: Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford part of ‘cinematic folklore’ after win (h/t Hale). NFL Films president Steve Sabol said Stafford “earned a lasting place in the cinematic folklore of the NFL.”

4 Responses to 'Stafford’s headed to the Hall of Fame'

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  • It’s a shame that game was blackedout in Detroit. I’m glad Staff’s performance is getting the press it deserves though. I hope that city finally appreciates what they have in him…a DamnGoodDawg!!

  • Staff had a great performance. But it was Cleveland.

  • Stafford is going to be a great one (barring injury). A very gutsy performance. The Lions can build for the future around him. Five touchdowns passes against anybody is quite an accomplishment.

  • Yeah, but fortunately UGA is much better in the leadership category at QB this year.