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Sunday November 22, 2009

Can Mark Richt-as-head-coach recover from a game like that?

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  • I don’t have to sleep on it. Yes, it can. That game failed for three reasons: turnovers, special teams/field position, and yielding big plays on defense. Each of those things are correctible. The person whose termination would least affect those things is Mark Richt. Should he become much more involved? Of course. Must he make other changes that will affect those problems? Absolutely – if not, my whole answer is different. But if he makes the changes necessary and they work, Mark Richt is safe in Athens.

    But just as UT fans never forgot the first losing season under Fulmer, it will take Georgia fans a long time to forget the (assumed) first 6-6 team under Richt. The time for change is now, and Richt can’t look reluctant about it or only change one of Fabris and Martinez, or refuse to give his new coordinator authority to change other assistants if they think it’s necessary. Richt is vulnerable, but he’s not irredeemable. He has brought too much good to this University and this program to have him on the hot seat after one very unfortunate year.

    But dear Lord, that was miserable. It was most miserable because, once they tied the game, it seemed inevitable. Can you imagine thinking that in 2005?

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  • Of course. Why not?

  • Napoleon said “There are no bad regiments, only bad colonels.” Your Coordinators are the colonels, but they have done nothing to stop the bleeding all season. Mark Richt knows a hell of a lot more about football than I do, and I cannot believe that he could not see what I saw in that game and failed to do anything about it. UNLESS – he is part of the problem.