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Post The downside of talking about coaching changes

Tuesday October 20, 2009

Recruits are listening.

The point isn’t about one specific prospect – Nickell Robey sounds as much in the Georgia camp as one could hope given the circumstances. It’s going to be an issue with a lot of defensive prospects committed to and considering Georgia. If our own fans are openly campaigning for coaching changes, you can’t blame prospects who want to take a step back and see how things play out. Mark Richt and his staff are spending the bye week out recruiting, and I’m sure a lot of what they’re having to do is damage control. That’s unfortunately the reality when a season takes a disappointing turn, and the competition is more than ready to pounce on any openings Georgia gives them.

That’s not to discourage the talk, though that’s personally not my style. The talk is out there, and I’m sure many are fine with some attrition among recruits if it means getting the coaching changes they want. Just don’t be surprised when some of the quality prospects who have committed to Georgia realize and react to the consequences of the moves you support. With so many good commitments to date, we were wondering if there would be any drama in this recruiting season. In the end Richt and his staff will end up with another highly-rated class, but there might be some turbulence en route to that destination.

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  • Correlation is not causation.

    Your headline should read “The downside of crap coaching and causing speculation about your future employment”.

    Gimme 3-star recruits across the board who get coached up, any day. Working quite well for the Cincinnatis, South Carolinas (on defense, anyway), and TCUs of the world.

  • 1) Cincinnati and TCU don’t play in the SEC. (We’ve certainly been better than they have in most of the Martinez years anyway.)

    2) South Carolina’s current starters on defense:

    5-stars: 1
    4-stars: 5
    3-stars: 5

    That’s not exactly a talentless defense. And Norwood is the only standout among the 3-stars. Also, South Carolina put 7 players in the draft this year… yet lost 6 games (including twice to Vanderbilt) in each of the last two seasons.

    I’m sure you’d be just thrilled with that kind of performance were you a South Carolina fan.

  • Im with CMR on this one. During the season is NOT the time to fire people. Stand by your players, your team, and coaches as long as the season is on.

    After the season, Coach Richt said he evaluates the staff and their positions. I have no doubt he isnt happy with how things are. But he knows that just publicly throwing people out and embarassing them doesnt send the right message to the present staff OR the incoming replacement. Not to mention the incoming recruits.

    CMR will right the ship. Keep in mind, until it happens this year, Les Miles, Nick Saban, OR Urban Meyer neither have back to back 10 win seasons. CMR has 6 out of 8. Ohh and Vince Dooley had seven 10 win seasons in 25 years. Not to mention a LOT of 6-5 years. Look at the record in 1979. Not good. Im sure glad the lunatic fringe wasnt around then. Herschel may have gone to Florida. Ouch.

    Stand by your team. and CMR. He will do what is best.