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Friday October 2, 2009

Freshman receiver Rantavious Wooten continues to earn more playing time and made two big catches in last week’s win. Last week the students also named him heir to Musa Smith, Michael Cooper, and Greg Blue by saluting him with a loud “Woooooooooooooooo” after the catches.

But Wooten already had an underground following among recruitniks long before he got to Athens thanks to his highlight video. It wasn’t for the highlights, though those showed why he was a target of most every program in the area. The video was famous for the calls of the PA announcer who narrates each play and will forever make it impossible for a subset of Georgia fans to mention Wooten’s name without adding “daballcarrier” immediately afterwards. Here’s the video…

David Hale spoke with Wooten about the video’s fame, and it’s no surprise that Rantavious is aware of the phenomenon. He seems ready to take it to the next level. If rumors are true, Wooten will be sporting this eye black during Saturday’s game. Now if someone can just get word to Brook Whitmire…

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