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Post Was A.J. in or out?

Tuesday September 29, 2009

Lord knows I’m glad A.J. Green is on our side, but am I the only person who doesn’t accept this photo that’s going around as clear and indisputable evidence that Green’s right foot was on the ground? The perspective of the photo (looking down) makes it look as if the toe meets the grass, but that’s not consistent with the lighting and the shadows. There’s still a couple of inches of clearance under his right foot which is cocked back slightly inside. The overhead replay was more convincing; it showed a pretty clear bounce where he tapped his toe in-bounds. I just don’t think we’re seeing that in this picture (not to get all Oliver Stone back-and-to-the-left about it or anything).


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  • That’s a terrible shot…toe is definitely not down right there…his toe was much closer to the line before touching down and dragging out of bounds…what I don’t get is how the refs couldn’t tell by looking at the line itself that his foot had been in…surely his toe left a mark in the wet line marker…one of the photogs in that end zone should have walked over and snapped a downward shot of the line…I’m guessing that would have been the most compelling evidence

  • Yeah, definitely not a good shot to judge by. But the best argument I’ve heard for him being out of bounds deals with his left foot hitting out before his right foot hits in…I’m a little biased so I say he we CLEARLY in bounds.

  • Agreed. No idea why our people are holding this up as proof that we were robbed.

  • The best shot is when he first catches it. Not after he is hit. As soon as the ball touches his hand, his foot was down.

  • Ok, first – look at AJ’s left foot. Do you seen how much white there is between the toe and the black on the laces? If you’re confused look at the ASU player’s shoes, they are the same. Next, look at AJ’s right foot. If his foot isn’t down as some above claim…then where did the rest of the white portion of his shoe go? Obviously, AJ did not have his toes amputated prior to the game. His toes are buried in the grass.

    He was in

  • Rob is correct. He either has no toes on that shoe, or it’s down. I agree just looking at the photo seems as though he’s airborne, but taking a closer look at his shoes show proof he’s down.

    Hold control and scroll up on your mouse to enlarge the photo as much as you need before making this comparison

  • Agreed with Rob before reading his post. His right leg also is straight so it is not a matter of his toe turned away to hide white tip. Foot is turned slightly right; therefore end of toe is in the grass.
    He is inbounds. End of story.

  • Brett, Mackie & Orlando- you guys need glasses. I’m just sayin. Rob is exactly right. Look at where the black on his right shoe ends. His toes are practically buried in the grass. AJ was jobbed, no question.

  • I don’t need the photo though Rob makes a good point. The replay showed he was in. Even Brock Huard said he was in. What bothered me, besides AJ being robbed on a great play, was how quickly the replay official called it.

  • Now if I can just get my wife to say that I am right on ANYTHING…I would die happy.

    If the call had cost us the game I would be furious. As it is, we won, so the play now becomes internet chatter. AJ is going to catch more than his share of TDs this year, one less won’t diminish his impact. I’m just proud of the team for not losing their cool on the call and dumping the game. The team showed some grit (and two more fantastic plays by AJ) to keep their heads on straight and win the game.

  • Look how much white he has on his left shoe at the tip. There is like two inches of white once the black color stops at the toe of his cletes. So the right foot has two inches of white barried in the grass!!! This picture is an illusion because of the angle. The kid had his foot down and he had it down good!