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Post Nothing like a good rumor to kick off the SEC slate

Thursday September 10, 2009

Lots of “news” coming out of Athens this morning about Georgia’s quarterbacking situation. Best to just go down the list.

What we know:

  • Logan Gray was seen working with the starters last night during the few practice periods observed by media.

The backstory:

  • Rumors about Joe Cox dealing with a tired or “dead” arm surfaced last month. They weren’t helped by his performance in the season opener.

This morning’s developments:

  • Anthony Dasher of UGASports.com (subscription required) expanded on his practice observation of watching Gray with the starters and reported that, according to sources, Gray “took all the snaps with the No. 1 unit Wednesday”.
  • Dasher never claimed that Gray has been named the starter but concluded that Gray “could start Saturday’s game.” Dasher cited a source who says, “That’s the way it looks now.”

Muddy Waters

  • David Hale followed up and reports that “Joe still took the vast majority of the first-team reps (on Wednesday).” Hale has also spoken with “multiple players who told (him) that (Gray taking all of the snaps) isn’t true.”
  • Buck Belue chimed in on 680 AM in Atlanta to speculate that Cox is simply being rested during the week but will start.
  • ESPN’s Joe Schad countered that “Georgia is likely to start” Gray. We don’t know if his source is Dasher or someone inside the program.

Got all that? The misinformation can’t be all bad in terms of what South Carolina has to prepare for. At the same time, you don’t waste valuable practice time on a smokescreen. If Gray was working with the starters above and beyond the usual time given to the backup, it was for a reason. If Belue is right and Cox is missing practice time to rest his shoulder, that’s not a positive angle to this story considering the problems in execution that plagued the offense last week. If Cox is going to start and play most of the game, the offense needs all of the practice time with him it can get.

Regardless, Hale notes that “we’ll find out for sure when we meet with Mark Richt around 4 p.m. today.” That should be fun.

UPDATE: Steve Patterson, publisher of UGASports.com, posted that UGA Sports Information released a statement saying that “Joe will be the starter Saturday.”

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