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Post Different year, same undoing

Saturday September 5, 2009

For all of the offseason talk about how different things were going to be, Georgia’s flaws against Oklahoma State seemed all too familiar. After a season in which miscues by Georgia’s offense and special teams led to an average of nearly 10 points per game, Bulldog turnovers and poor coverage led to 17 of Oklahoma State’s 24 points.

Unfortunately the Bulldogs don’t seem to have the offense to overcome such charity. Joe Cox, flu or not, had a very inauspicious debut and helped a ragtag defense under a first year coordinator turn into the big story of the game.

Now the big question entering the SEC opener: do you chalk this up to the flu (if so, where was Gray?), or are there systemic problems with an offense that managed but a 53-yard field goal after its opening drive? For the leadership and poise that Cox was supposed to bring to the offense, he showed little of either.

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  • The defense did a better job than I expected. If you’d told me OSU would only score 24 points I would have sworn UGA would win. The offense and special teams didn’t give the defense much a chance. We’ve heard a lot about Joe C’s high school heroics and he (very sad to say) looked like a high school quarterback. I live in Texas and having the QB from almost any of the local high schools in a UGA uniform would have made me feel better.