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Post How many empty seats in Stillwater?

Friday August 28, 2009

An article this week in Tulsa World reports on Oklahoma State’s season ticket sales but avoids bringing up a reasonable conclusion: there seem to be over 11,000 unsold tickets for the Georgia-OSU game.

The math seems pretty simple:

  • The capacity of the renovated Boone Pickens Stadium is 60,218.
  • Oklahoma State has sold 41,593 season tickets so far. According to Tulsa World, that includes 8,668 student tickets.
  • “(AD Mike) Holder has predicted that OSU may reach a final (season ticket) total of more than 44,000.”
  • Georgia received an allotment of 5,000 tickets.

Are you with me so far? Even if OSU meets Holder’s expectations of 44,000 season tickets (again, including students), we’re at 49,000 tickets sold in a stadium that holds 60,000+. PWD guesses that 8,000 or so will be Georgia fans. Here’s the thing:

The Georgia date is designated by the OSU athletic department as this season’s premium game, meaning that OSU fans may attend only if they have purchased a season ticket. Except for the 5,000 tickets allotted to the University of Georgia, no single-game tickets are available for Georgia-OSU.

Granting that there will comp tickets for guests, band, and recruits and so on, dumping thousands of tickets still seems like a tall order in a week. Will OSU cave and make the single game tickets available to the public? Will T. Boone Pickens buy up the rest and distribute them to local charities? Or will OSU hold firm to its “premium game” policy and accept that its new showcase stadium will be at least 10% empty in front of a national TV audience? Somehow I expect those seats to be filled one way or another.

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  • No way Okie State just “sits” on 11k unsold tickets. I’d look for the ticket booth at the South side of the stadium to have a special announcement posted for opener tickets later next week (Thursday/Friday before all the Dawgs arrive).

    Worst case scenario they don’t release them and T. Boone turns sets of 4 into windmill blades.

  • They had this policy for the OU game last year and there were tons of empty seats.