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Post $2,000 per game?

Thursday August 13, 2009

Forbes raised a few eyebrows with their feature on the five most expensive college football tickets this season according to StubHub.

Right there at #2 is Georgia with tickets for all home games going for as much as $2,000 on StubHub.

I’ll take their word for it, but PWD recently had a much more realistic look at the aftermarket for Georgia tickets. Tickets for all home games start at under $200 and “season ticket packages start at $700.” If you pay $2,000 for a single game ticket, you and your money were going to be parted soon anyway.

That’s the aftermarket, but what’s the real price of a season ticket for those who ordered them through UGA? The minimum donation for a renewable season ticket remains $250. With the season ticket package an additional $240, that comes out to about $81.67 per game for the least-expensive season tickets. Of course donation levels go up to as high as $2,000 per seat in the Champion’s Club, but the most a renewable season ticket holder will pay for a lower level seat on the 50 is just over $100 per game once the $400 minimum donation is figured in.

If you were a new season ticket holder this year, it took you a minimum Hartman Fund point total of $4,205 to get going, so someone starting fresh spent a whopping $740.83 per game on tickets this year.

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