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Wednesday July 8, 2009

It’s Georgia week over at SEC blog Team Speed Kills, and they’re following their pattern of light previews leading up to predictions later in the week. Today there’s an interesting look at the “Richt does his best under low expectations” meme. I have to agree with the conclusion – it’s not as if Georgia came from the “Others Receiving Votes” field before Richt’s SEC championship seasons. At that level, we’re often talking about the difference of a single game, and while Georgia might have “disappointed” in 2004 and 2008, a combined 5 losses in those two years wasn’t exactly the faceplant of, say, the 2000 Alabama team. There’s been very little difference between Richt’s “underachieving” teams and those that we celebrate, and at TSK points out, how the other teams in the division fare has a lot to do with it. Would we remember 2005 and even D.J. Shockley the same if Urban Meyer’s first team doesn’t lose to South Carolina?

Keep reading over there through the week. The predictions should be fun with several toss-up games. Even for rabid partisan Georgia fans it’s hard to get a read on this year’s team, so it’s always interesting to see what those less familiar with the team think.

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