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Post The bloody pub’s on fire

Friday June 19, 2009

Georgia Theatre Fire
Photo: AJC

There has been a major fire at the landmark Georgia Theatre in Athens this morning. No UGA alum or even casual acquaintance of the city has to be told of the punch in the stomach that comes with that news. Too many concerts, crush parties, and games watched there to recount them all, but my highlight had to be seeing Wynton Marsalis many years ago. The night ended with a New Orleans-style parade out the door – one of those things that can only happen when you mix a legendary artist with the wide-eyed joy of a college town crowd soaking it all in, and it happened all the time at the Georgia Theatre.

Hopefully it can rebuilt soon, though the roof has collapsed and the damage inside is surely devastating. Selfishly, I can’t (and don’t want to) imagine what a football fall would be like without the Theatre.


I’ll be in town tomorrow and will certainly have to pay my respects. Somehow this song seems appropriate today:

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  • This is very sad indeed. I, too, have spent many nights at the Theatre. One of the best nights was when we saw JJ Cale perform. Awesome. And you’re right, Saturdays in the Fall won’t be the same for many. Though, it must be pointed out that, perhaps now the theatre can get some new seats upstairs and some new beer tap lines, both of which are long over due!