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Post How long til someone pushes the SEC’s oversigning rule?

Monday June 1, 2009

OK, so the SEC won’t be seeing signing day lists of 30+ players anymore.

I predict it won’t take but a year or two until some enterprising coach gets accused of playing fast and loose with the new rules. After all, the NCAA already limits teams to 25 signees per year. The new SEC rule is a response to the back room accounting that developed as a way to get around the NCAA’s limit. Oh, him? He counts towards last year’s 25.

One thing I haven’t read yet is how this new rule will deal with grayshirting. That’s when a freshman agrees to delay enrollment for a semester with the understanding that he’ll be on scholarship thereafter. Will these marginally-qualified prospects who brought up the rear in the oversigned classes still commit and just be encouraged to wait a semester instead of signing a Letter of Intent?

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