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Post The buck stops with…someone else

Tuesday May 12, 2009

Mark Richt took a lot of heat last year over Georgia’s off-field discipline problems, but one thing we didn’t see was responsibility passed on down the chain of command. And you definitely didn’t see the University president calling out a position coach.

Tired of all the trouble that Florida State’s wide receivers are getting into, over and over and over and over again? Well, so too is Florida State President T.K. Wetherell. In a recent interview with the Tallahassee Democrat, Wetherell said it’s time for receivers coach Lawrence Dawsey to “step up” his efforts to control his players.

Jeez…and we think we have a meddling president. But more to the point, is Bobby Bowden actually responsible for anything at Florida State anymore other than seeing through an appeal to the NCAA in order to salvage his legacy?

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