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Wednesday March 25, 2009

The San Francisco 49ers – you know the team with the pants-dropping coachwants you to look at this watch and relaaaaaaax….relaaaaaaaax…

In the latest issue (of SI), Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford said his meeting with the 49ers included a psychologist who persisted about the impact of the divorce of Stafford’s parents when Stafford was in high school. According to Stafford, the psychologist told him as if it sounded like he had “unfinished business” concerning the divorce. Stafford said no, and then said he felt if he should be wondering how much he was being charged by hour for the psychoanalysis. Stafford compared it to the interviews with teams who asked him to script plays.

Hey, when you’re spending tens of millions of dollars, you get to kick the tires a bit, but you can’t blame Stafford for getting a little annoyed when Dr. Freud kept digging at the subject. Stafford’s reaction was great…Will Hunting would have been proud of this interview.

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