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Monday March 2, 2009

We learned over the weekend that the football coaches, some more than others, got a bump in compensation. The key word is "value" – we get a quality staff for a reasonable amount. Georgia is by no means playing on the leading edge of compensation, but they are competitive and capable of paying to keep the top assistants around.

Coaching is ultimately just a job. There are employees, bosses, meetings, paperwork, and all of the fun stuff that everyone else deals with in the working world. The bizarre saga of Mike Leach is a reminder of that. A loose cannon employee who happens to be a high producer doesn’t get along with his boss. It happens in coaching, creative work, programming, sales, you name it. This time it’s just out in the open and those who have the benefit of impartiality can only shake their heads.

These coaches certainly notice the escalating pay scales, but they also have families, and a spot on a stable staff in a positive environment can be a rare and valuable thing (though it must never be allowed to decay into complacency). Last week we pointed to Rodney Garner’s comment about turning down a higher-paid position at Tennessee.

"The attraction of Georgia to me is Mark Richt," Garner said. "I’m going to be honest with you, I love the community and I love the institution, but I work for a great man and that’s the main reason I stayed."

Academic discussions about motivation will inevitably get into Herzberg and his satisfiers, and salary is only part of the picture (and is often not a motivator itself). Of course you’re not going to get away for long nickel-and-diming the coaches; this isn’t exactly volunteer work. But given that Georgia’s compensation is competitive and in light of Garner’s comments, working for Mark Richt seems to carry a significant value that you’ll never see on these compensation reports.

UPDATE: Garner and Searels weren’t the only Georgia assistants to turn down overtures from other schools. According to FootballScoop.com, linebackers coach John Jancek recently turned down the opportunity to become the defensive coordinator at the University of South Florida.

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