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Post Not holding my breath for a Thursday night opener

Tuesday February 10, 2009

The possibility of opening the season at Oklahoma State on a Thursday night has been kicked around for a while, and Mark Richt even gave the idea his support, noting the advantage it would give the Dawgs in preparing for the SEC opener against South Carolina. Richt doesn’t think it will happen, and I agree for two reasons.

First, OSU already has one Thursday night game on their home schedule. The final home game of the season, against Colorado, has been moved to November 19 and will be broadcast by ESPN. Now, as our Thursday night experts on North Avenue will remind us, multiple Thursday home games aren’t unheard of, but it seems a bit much to expect a school that hasn’t had a Thursday home game since 1995 to suddenly go for not just one but two in the same season.

An even bigger reason is the stadium itself. The Georgia game will be the first in the newly-renovated Boone Pickens Stadium, and the Cowboys will want to show it off. A Thursday night slot is definitely a big stage – especially that first week when everyone is starving for football – but playing at night isn’t necessarily the best time to see the new stadium. I would think that a Saturday afternoon on a major network would be their ideal situation to spotlight a renovated stadium where many of the improvements are to the exterior. It’s nowhere near as thought out as all of this, but 3:30 on ABC makes the most sense from what OSU wants out of the game.

Pickens Stadium

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  • Hopefully OSU will have their stadium finished. I read about a month ago where they ran out of money due to the economy’s impact on Pickens’ donation for the construction.

  • Anyone else hearing UGA’s ticket allocation for the OSU game will be 5,000 or less?

  • I don’t know what the allotment will be, but UGA either expects a decent allotment or low demand for the OSU ticket. All Hartman Fund contributors are eligible to order tickets to that game. Cutoffs will come into play if there’s high demand of course, but for now they’re treating it the same as Vandy and Arkansas and not the Florida, Tech, and Tennessee away games that require a minimum point level.