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Thursday February 5, 2009

Steve Spurrier is in a little bit of a pickle (h/t The Wiz).

Spurrier promised four-star receiver Alshon Jeffery that Jeffrey could wear the #2 jersey if he signed at South Carolina. Of course promising a jersey number is nothing new and pretty insignificant on the hierarchy of promises a coach will make to close the deal.

The sticky wicket here is that #2 is retired in Columbia in honor of Sterling Sharpe. Sharpe claims that he wasn’t approached to sign off on Spurrier’s promise, and he’s not at all thrilled about the idea of seeing another Gamecock wearing #2. Spurrier, meanwhile, is floating the idea that has caught on at other schools of retiring a jersey and not a number. Georgia also no longer retires jerseys, but they also had to deal with a bit of discomfort when superstar prospect Ernie Sims had his eye on #34 a few years ago.

My guess: Jeffrey ends up with another number. After all, once the letter of intent is signed, there’s no going back.

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