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Post Hey, it worked for Florida

Thursday January 22, 2009

The ABH reports that ESPN will be in town to televise the April 11th G-Day game. You can count on them focusing on the QB and RB position battles, but hopefully they’ll pick up on some of the more subtle story lines too.

Of course G-Day conflicts with the Masters again, so I’m going to guess that attendance shouldn’t be more than the usual 20,000 or so. We’ll see if the ESPN presence will encourage a little higher turnout or if fans stay at home and watch the broadcast. It will also be interesting to see if Coach Richt livens things up a little more with the national spotlight on the game. G-Day has become more or less a let’s-get-through-this vanilla scrimmage over the past couple of years.

A national broadcast of the spring game and the exposure that comes with it is nothing but a good thing for the program. Will Joe Cox have his own magic moment with Erin Andrews?

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