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Post Won’t someone think of the poor, poor coaches?

Monday January 12, 2009

Six weeks.

The AFCA has forwarded a proposal (h/t Get the Picture) to conference commissioners for an early signing period for college football. The proposed signing day in the “third week of December” would come approximately six weeks before the current signing day on the first Wednesday in February.

There’s an early signing period in sports like basketball of course, but the difference between those signing periods is closer to six months rather than six weeks. What’s so important that the coaches can’t wait until the February signing period? “What we’re seeing is oversigning and late switches,” claims Notre Dame’s Rob Ianello.

I’ve written plenty before about why I’m suspicious of the coaches’ motives with an early signing period, and Ianello’s comments do little to show me that those concerns are unfounded. Even as the coaching ranks shuffle as staffs are assembled into December and January, coaches would rather that prospects give up the last bit of leverage and unrestricted choice they’ll enjoy for the next three-to-five years. Six measly weeks.

Ianello’s flippant question, “Is it a reservation or a commitment?” might be better asked of the highly-paid coaches that are so put upon by the current recruiting timetable.

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  • Outstanding point. Besides, shouldn’t these coaches be prepping for bowl games? And shouldn’t these kids be studying for finals? That’s the great benefit of mid-February – NOTHING else is going on.

    The answer to “late switches?” Keep your recruits interested. Programs aren’t entitled to these kids’ attentions. They have to earn them. If coaches fail to do that well enough to keep their charges interested, they should find another line of work.

    The answer to “oversigning?” If you’re an opposing coach, point out to your recruits that Saban, et. al. have no problem cutting you loose when they need fresh blood. If they don’t listen to you now, they won’t listen after an early signing period, either.