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Post No surprise, Part 2

Wednesday January 7, 2009

Moreno and Stafford are gone, but every Georgia fan could see this coming. Have a trash can nearby. (h/t The Wiz).

Florida’s Tim Tebow, Brandon Spikes and Percy Harvin will announce whether they will leave school early for the NFL Draft within a week after Thursday’s BCS national championship game against Oklahoma.
The three, however, have already had discussions about possibly doing something the Gators’ ’04s basketball stars did in 2006: returning as a group.
“We have a lot of conversations about that issue all the time,” Spikes said.

Well of COURSE Florida’s Axis of Awesome will be back next year – intact. Could it go any other way?

Sure, Tebow says, “We’ll have to look at it and sit down after this game and really pray about it and try to figure out what’s best.” Fans of any other SEC school will tell you that “what’s best” will turn out to be touring and ministering on unicorns to impoverished nations in the offseason, putting the brakes on a global recession, releasing an album featuring John Legend and Beyonce, earning ATP pilot certification, representing Illinois in the Senate, and producing a library of 63 segments about themselves and their impact on humanity for ESPN’s use during the 2009 season that make us recall wistfully the understated and tasteful senior season of Joakim Noah.

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  • Groo, that is probably the funniest thing you will ever write in your life.

    Outstanding work.

  • fan friggin tastic….. i laughing out loud at work and people are looking in my office…. Boomer Sooner!