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Tuesday January 6, 2009
  • Missouri goes to overtime with double-digit underdog Northwestern
  • Oklahoma State can’t keep up with underdog Oregon
  • Ole Miss shreds favored Texas Tech
  • Even “split title” Texas in a win looks nowhere near as good as SoCal did against the Buckeyes.

Prior to the bowls, Oklahoma was the only Big 12 contender to play a decent nonconference schedule with opponents like TCU and Cincinnati. The rest sure are looking a lot like paper tigers now. The conference overall is 4-2 in bowls, but the mighty Big 12 South is 1-2 heading into the BCS title game.

Colt McCoy, though…wow. What a clutch player. If the coach-in-waiting’s defense could have held in Lubbock, we’d be talking about McCoy’s game-winning drive there that planted the Longhorns in the national title game. Even with the split title argument shot now, he was able to lead his team back again tonight from the brink of an upset. Tremendous player.

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  • Colt McCoy would be a 20/10/2800 QB in the SEC. Not bad. Nothing special though.

    He had a good year behind a good OL with some solid WRs in a conference that has jack squat for D-linemen and DBs. That after an 18 INT performance last year when his OL was young (but still a lot better and facing a lot weaker DLs than Stafford’s this year and last).