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Post Conference loyalty

Friday January 2, 2009

Confession time: I have no interest in pulling for other SEC teams in bowl games. I couldn’t care less where the SEC finishes on some contrived ESPN conference bowl scoreboard. It means nothing to me that the last two national champions are from the SEC if neither of those teams were Georgia.

I get why some fans chant "SEC! SEC!". It’s yet another identity through which we can (sometimes) claim superiority over some other group – especially Yankees or left coast liberals or some other set of people who don’t have the good sense to live in God’s country and follow a real football team. If our team can’t win the national title, at least someone from our conference can. Take that, Pac-10.

You can have it. If Alabama wins the Sugar Bowl, it won’t make them kicking our tails look any better. South Carolina’s disaster just down the road yesterday takes nothing away from my enjoyment of Georgia’s win. I smiled watching Shonn Greene run over South Carolina in between Garcia turnovers. I hope Florida has the same kind of success they enjoyed the last time they played a Big 12 team for the national title. Florida’s one hell of a team, but I still hope they flame out like the Cowboys last weekend. It won’t happen, but I’ll hold on to the dream.

Are there times I’ll pull for the conference? You bet. The Chick-fil-A Bowl was one of them. Loved it. Brilliant job, Les. I’m indifferent about Ole Miss in the Cotton Bowl, though I don’t give them much of a chance. It’s the opposite in the Sugar Bowl – I wouldn’t mind seeing Bama lose, but it’s not likely enough to worry about. Kentucky? Meh. Sure, why not?

I’m even a bit tired of Vanderbilt. Hooray, they won. In perfect Vandy fashion too. They pulled out the "bounce a punt off the other team" play from their South Carolina game and advanced the ball farther on penalty yardage than from actual football on their game-winning "drive". Opportunistic? Right. And the guy gets Coach of the Year for using a dartboard to pick his quarterback.

Of course all of this animosity doesn’t ignore the benefits of belonging to a good conference. As much as I want our rivals to lose and lose big, many of them will still win, and everyone will meet in a few months and divide up a pile of money that would qualify the SEC for G8 status.

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