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Post Playing hurt

Monday December 29, 2008

By this point we’ve heard plenty about the season-ending injuries that plagued the Dawgs this season, but even some of those who were considered "healthy" were playing through some pretty serious pain.

Guard Chris Davis will miss spring practice after hip surgery that will follow the bowl game. I’ve been told that Davis has been playing through this injury for most of the season and likely would have been held out of games under normal circumstances. But given the injuries and lack of depth on the offensive line, he’s kept going and will make his 26th start as a Bulldog in the bowl game. Of the group that came in last year, Davis is the only one not to miss a start due to injury or suspension.

If you can’t imagine why a hip injury would be a big deal to an offensive lineman, think about the lineman’s job on most plays. You start down in a stance. On the snap, you have to explode from that crouch and move quickly to be a position to make your block. Then you use your legs as leverage while driving a 270+ lb defensive lineman. Then consider the screen plays or running plays during which the lineman has to release downfield or pull around to lead a tailback. If this has been a chronic injury for Davis this season, it’s had to have been excruciating for him.

Here’s to a successful surgery and quick recovery. Davis will be one of the upperclassman veterans on the line next year, and he’ll be needed.

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