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Post Murray has a successful comeback

Saturday December 13, 2008

When news of Bulldog quarterback commitment Aaron Murray’s ankle surgery broke less than two months ago, it was mentioned that he was “determined to return to action this season (and) wants to be playing football again in 6-8 weeks.”

True to his word, Murray returned to action tonight for the first time in eight games. It also happened to be the state semifinals. He’d also be putting his recently-healed leg up against a tough Dwyer defense with one objective- hit the quarterback.

Murray did face a lot of pressure, but he led his team to an impressive 33-21 win and a spot in the state championship game. (Click here for a thorough live blog of Friday night’s game.) His unofficial stats were 10-of-22 for 194 yards and 2 touchdowns, and several passes were either dropped or knocked off target by pressure. At any rate, it’s a winning performance in a huge game for a guy who was coming back cold after two months on the sideline.

Murray’s teammate Orson Charles had a few catches at tight end, but he came up biggest on defense with some big plays downt the stretch.

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