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Post We can stop this right now

Thursday December 11, 2008

Tim Tebow is an outstanding football player. He may or may not win his second Heisman this weekend. He may or may not win a national title in a month.

But this “greatest amateur player in a team sport” nonsense needs to be nipped in the bud. It’s indefensible, and it’s the same kind of in-the-now garbage that we’d expect from a throwaway ESPN segment. Worse, it forces us to take a critical look at one of the best players in the game right now when we should be congratulating him on another stellar season.

Even as a Georgia fan I wouldn’t go so far as to call Herschel Walker the “greatest amateur player in a team sport”, but you might be able to make a better case. Walker’s teams, and make no mistake – they were Walker’s teams, didn’t lose a single conference game or home game in his three years. He didn’t need dramatics or something disturbingly now called “The Promise“. He just ran over people.

And as for this “will to win” stuff, it’s going to be hard to top carrying your team to a national title by going for over 100 yards with a separated shoulder.

Again the worst of this kind of talk is that it’s a distraction from a wonderful season for Tebow and his team. It says a lot that there’s even a case to be made on a topic like this. Is the GPOOE no longer enough? Matt Hayes thinks we’re looking at the GAPIATS-E. And the guy has a freaking Heisman vote.

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