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Post Star QBs leaning toward staying

Tuesday December 9, 2008

Georgia fans seem more or less resigned to Knowshon Moreno and Matthew Stafford heading to the NFL after this season, but two of their high-profile peers might stick around for another season.

Heisman frontrunner Colt McCoy has come out and said that he’ll return for his senior season. As a senior he’ll try to lead Texas to a Big 12 and national title after coming up just short this year.

Last season’s Heisman winner Tim Tebow won’t decide until after the BCS championship game, but he said that, "if I had to say I was leaning any way, it would be to coming back." Of course he’ll stay – Georgia has everyone up to and including Rashad Jones exploring their draft potential, but Tebow hasn’t even filed the paperwork.

Would taking those two out of the draft make the leap more attractive to someone like Stafford? The looming rookie salary cap is assumed to be one of the bigger issues out there, but a weekend interview with NFL exec Rich McKay (sorry, no link) seemed to indicate that a cap wouldn’t be in place until 2011 at the earliest. That makes sense as the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement isn’t due to expire until 2011. McKay added that agents might be giving misleading and self-serving advice about the rookie cap with the intention of pushing more players into the draft sooner.

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  • Tebow’s and McCoy’s decisions won’t matter to Stafford as they won’t affect his draft status. Both are universally projected to go much lower than Stafford.

    Mark Richt’s luck I guess.