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Post Ben Jones named SEC OL of the Week

Monday November 10, 2008

Congratulations to center Ben Jones. By my tally, he is the first and only true freshman to be so recognized this season (because who would be so crazy as to start a true freshman, let alone two, on an SEC offensive line?). There have been only four underclassmen to earn this SEC honor in 2008, and Georgia has had two of them (Boling was the other).

This line is going to be absolute hell in a year or two. As it is, this makeshift line is leading the way for the offense that is #1 in the SEC in passing and total yards and #2 in scoring. They’ve had their shaky moments, but so far it’s been another incredible job.

Call me selfish, and I know it’s not looking likely, but I really want to see Stafford and Moreno operating behind a healthy line with a little bit of age on it. Will we get to see that – any part of that – in 2009?

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