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Post What’s with all the playoff talk this week?

Wednesday November 5, 2008

There’s still a month to go in the season, but damn if there hasn’t been a flurry of playoff talk this week from some pretty high-profile people in the game and in the nation.

First Barack Obama weighed in with his support of a college playoff. I really need to rethink my position on this issue now. His stance failed to convince voters in SEC and Big 12 states though.

Then Pete Carroll says that the BCS "stinks" and wonders how his team could drop after a big win. (We wondered that after the first week of the season, too, Pete.) Urban Meyer also had some supportive things to say about a playoff earlier this week on Cowherd’s show.

Even Bob Stoops has "come full circle" and is now a playoff advocate. Like Carroll and Meyer, Stoops is part of the one-loss repechage trying to position itself for a spot in the national title game, so it’s pretty easy to see why a playoff would look attractive to them at this point.

The ideal outcome for playoff proponents is for Southern Cal and Penn State, the likely champs of the two conferences most resistant to a playoff, to be excluded from the BCS championship game and play a lovely and irrelevant Rose Bowl game – just as they would have it.

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  • Hope we never have a playoff in division 1A. It’s far too entertaining reading all the bitch, moan, and complain of fans from every conference who feel they are the ones singled out for unfair treatment.

    Believe me, it would be a lot less interesting, and would still manage to be controversial.

  • Who cares if it is controversial to have even Plus One +1, where 2 more teams than the current Pick Two (2) Playoff format allows ? It would still be 100 percent more teams who would have a damn chance.

    Watching college football now in 2008, it has become plainly evident to everyone that there are many very good college football teams besides teams from conferences which have only 1 team, and therefore “look good” beating up on a nobody 56 to nothing.

    If the polls were any bloody good at all for determining who is the National Champion at only 1 sport and that sport only at 1 level, it would (1) be used by every other sport and by this sport at every other level as well and (2) then the polls would not be so totally wrong every single week of who is Number 1 only to watch them lose.

    I for 1 second the grand thought of this blog that he closes with when he says the best possible outcome would be for the 2 conferences who refuse to play a championship game (because they might lose) and who play such weak schedules that they actually think beating Washington and Washington State by 56 points is a beauty contest where they should not drop 2 places in the BCS while other teams beat the previous Number 1 and beat the previous Number 6. Those teams deserve to jump Southern California.

    Just as teams deserve to jump Pennsylvania State while they too play nobody.

    Don’t tell me that Southern California nor Pennsylvania State would go undefeated playing either in The SEC or in the Big XII.

    They would, neither, not.