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Sunday November 2, 2008

Eight Mark Richt teams have made the trip to Jacksonville. Six have failed to score more than 14 points.

  • 2001: 10
  • 2002: 13
  • 2003: 13
  • 2004: 31
  • 2005: 10
  • 2006: 14
  • 2007: 42
  • 2008: 10

We tend to focus on Florida’s coaches and playmakers on offense when this game comes up, but Sylvester Croom’s offense can put up enough points to outscore what the Dawgs usually put up in Jacksonville. It happened again on Saturday. Many fans will look at the 49 and complain about the defense again, but this one is on the offense from the coaches on down. Blame refs, kicking woes, whatever, but the best RB, QB, and WR pair to play on one Georgia team in decades couldn’t manage but three points until garbage time.

For the second time this season, the Dawgs have failed – in spectacular fashion – to capitalize on the #1-ranked team losing. With the national and conference goals unattainable now, Georgia’s going to get a gut check the next two weeks with two more road games. The players always seem to have an easier time than we do of shaking it off, so hopefully they’re already thinking about getting it back together for Kentucky.

It’s not that easy for me. There’s still plenty of football this season, but this loss needs to stick in Georgia’s craw. We mock the public drama and theatrics of Tebow and Meyer over last year’s game and the Ole Miss loss, but, hey – it worked. Yes, losing 49-10 is a BIG DEAL.

And the next time Knowshon tries to take himself out again at a key moment in the game, tell him to turn it right back around and man up.

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  • I daresay this is *the* most disappointing, frustrating, and disgusting loss of the Richt era. At least with the Kentucky & Vandy losses in 2006, we could point to an inexperienced QB and some other excuses. At this point, we have NONE. The coaching staff should have NO EXCUSES for such a pathetic performance.

    As opposed to many other years, we came into the game supposedly loose and relaxed. The Gators came in frothing at the mouth and uptight. But then, the game started, and once again we fell into the same roles that we’ve been in before – tight, scared, and panicky. The Gators played with confidence.

    I’m sick of it. But the real question is – are the players and coaching staff?

  • My god, did you guys actually watch the same game as me?

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves…such haters…put on some jean-shorts and go chomp around the backyard…

    I saw a lot of calls go against us early in the game and nearly every Gator big play result from the referee’s bad-call or non-call…

    Once we were beat, yes, we laid down…but that’s what happens when everything goes against you, all day long.

    A couple of calls go the other way (especially that 1st Down that we challanged on the Gator’s first drive–the Tebow run, left side, remember?) and its a totally different ball game.

    Quite hating…Go Dawgs!