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Post Duke ditches the Dome

Thursday October 2, 2008

Earlier this year we noted that Alabama and outgoing Duke AD Joe Alleva were working to move Alabama’s 2010 game against Duke to the Georgia Dome. That was then.

New Duke athletic director Kevin White is making it clear that the game will be played at Duke’s Wallace Wade Stadium. “The 2010 Duke-Alabama game is our home game,” White said.

Interestingly, White was on the other side of this issue just months ago while he was still the athletic director at Notre Dame. A proposed series between Notre Dame and Rutgers fell through because Rutgers would not agree to move their home game off-campus.

Are the Blue Devils leaving money on the table? Almost certainly. Wallace Wade seats 33,941, less than half of the Georgia Dome’s capacity. If Duke is wise about this, they’ll make Alabama tickets only available as part of the season ticket package and hopefully make up some of the difference. There’s also a missed opportunity for recruiting; there are already four players from Georgia committed to Duke for the 2009 signing class.

Duke officials feel that the attention due to a major program coming to town will more than make up for the lost revenue and exposure in Georgia. “Wallace Wade hasn’t hosted a game of that magnitude in a very long time,” (Duke assistant AD Gerald) Harrison said. “I think the SEC game will do wonders for us.”

Alabama will be the first SEC team other than Vanderbilt to visit Duke since Tennessee in 1956.

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  • I could care less about that game with the exception of how it affects recruiting. So I say “thank goodness” the Duke AD axed the dome deal. Alabama is already cutting into Georgia for recruiting too much.