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Post What is it with Bama and funerals?

Tuesday September 23, 2008

Last year Alabama defensive end Wallace Gilberry said he had to “know where to send the flowers (to Matthew Stafford) after the game.” I assumed he was asking about sending condolences and not getting to know Stafford socially, but you never know. (By the way, neither Gilberry nor any other Crimson Tide defender registered a sack in the game.)

This year Bama strength coach Scott Cochran is the one talking about funerals (because Georgia’s wearing black! Get it?) in his own colorful language.

Everyone’s going to post this video, so I might as well too. The interesting part is around 1:04, and you need to turn your speakers up to get it.

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  • That relieves what little fear I had of our men showing up sluggish from the trip west. Bear would be proud.