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Post Tailgating reminders for ASU

Wednesday September 17, 2008

UGA has published a set of tailgating reminders for Georgia fans heading to Tempe. Some of the rules seem a little nanny-ish, but others are based on common sense due to the fact that YOU ARE TAILGATING IN A #$@*ING DESERT.

In other words, it’s not a good idea to sit outside from 8 AM on and pound Jim Beam. There are plenty of watering holes in the area to set up shop for the day and stay out of the sun. The UGA Alumni Association will be taking over Gordon Biersch (420 South Mill Ave), and there are several other good options elsewhere along Mill Ave.

Here is the law of the land:

  • Tailgating may occur in the ASU’s parking lots and structures 3.5 hours preceding football games (1:30 p.m. [local time] for this Saturday’s game against Georgia).
  • The consumption of beer and wine is permitted but under Arizona law, the consumption of liquor is not authorized.
  • Individuals consuming beer or wine must be of legal age, i.e., 21 years of age or older.
  • Formal organized events, such as when a company plans and has catered an event with food and alcohol, are required to obtain an alcohol permit.
  • Grilling may be done in open parking lots and on the roof of parking structures. No charcoal grills are allowed.
  • ASU police encourages the use of cans or plastic bottles.
  • No one can bring any alcohol inside the stadium.
  • Drinking games and binge drinking are prohibited. Other recreational games such as bean-bag toss, football, etc., are permitted as long as a competitive drinking aspect is not involved.

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