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Post 56.5 pounds of fury

Wednesday August 27, 2008

If waiting until Friday or Saturday is killing you, the Macon paper has a little more information today about Uga VII.

As Lewis Grizzard would say, the pictures we’ve all been emailed with a white bulldog puppy are a ho-ax. Cute puppy, but it’s not Uga. Sonny Seiler explains,

"We had three to choose from, and we took our time. We’ve got an excellent dog. We’re not going to put a puppy out there to fill that collar. He is 3 years old. He is Uga VI’s son. And he is almost full-grown (56.5 pounds)."

If you want to see an illustration of chaos, check out Seiler’s parking spot underneath the bridge before the game on Saturday. Even for ordinary games it’s swamped with those looking to get a picture with Uga. How much more crowded will the area be with those trying to get a look at the new dawg? I wouldn’t blame Sonny for breaking with routine and finding a way to slip into the stadium via another entrance.

For the dedicated Uga stalkers, the Georgia Center wouldn’t be a bad place to hang out this weekend.

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