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Post Moreno to wear green jersey in opener

Monday August 25, 2008

Mark Richt announced on Monday that Georgia’s starting tailback would continue to wear a green no-contact jersey in this Saturday’s season opener against Georgia Southern. Knowshon Moreno has spent most of preseason camp in the no-contact jersey typically reserved for injured players, but coaches insist that Moreno is fine and that the jersey is just a precaution.

Richt noted on Sunday that Moreno was already getting some contact in Georgia practices despite the green jersey. "That green jersey is supposed to keep you from having to strike anybody or have someone strike you, but when you get the ball in your hand, you tend to get shots. I think he’s getting plenty right now," Richt said.

Georgia Southern still must agree to the arrangement, but the Bulldogs have offered to have plays involving Moreno end on "thud", a technique common during preseason scrimmages. Georgia coaches maintain that their proposal is win-win – Moreno is protected, and the Eagles don’t have to worry about completing tackles against the elusive Bulldog tailback.

Richt left open the possibility of Moreno shedding the green jersey for the Central Michigan game, and he expressed relief that Georgia was playing Central Michigan instead of Michigan State in the second game of the season. "Michigan State’s green uniforms sure would have caused us to think about some things," he admitted.

Coaches would not comment on rumors of a special road no-contact jersey ordered for the South Carolina game. Regardless of the jersey, Richt plans to use Moreno on exactly 23 plays this season to avoid the possibility of injury.

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  • Thats jarringly funny.

    My only suggestion? Let Knowshon wear the green jersey against LSU so Pittman gets confused and thinks they’re playing Tulane.

    On second thought, put all the players in green jerseys. Lets have a “Green-out”. Its Richt’s latest motivational ploy and it raises awareness about the environment.


    (Go Dawgs!)