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Post 35 TD, 3,700-4,000 yards, 64% completion rate

Friday August 22, 2008

Matthew Stafford has some pretty high goals for himself this year. Kendall’s article does a good job capturing the anticipation a lot of people nationwide – not only Georgia fans – have for Stafford. Those goals show that Stafford is among those ready to see him put together a season for the ages.

Just to put those goals into perspective, here are the benchmarks so far for Georgia quarterbacks under Mark Richt.

  • Yardage: David Greene, 2003 (3,307 yards)
  • Percentage: David Greene, 2003 (60.3%)
  • Touchdowns: D.J. Shockley, 2005 (24)

Here are the University of Georgia passing records:

  • Yardage: Eric Zeier, 1993 (3,525 yards)
  • Percentage: Mike Bobo, 1997 (65.03%). A 64% rate would put Stafford second all-time.
  • Touchdowns: Shockley (2005) and Zeier (1993 and 1994) with 24 TDs.

2 Responses to '35 TD, 3,700-4,000 yards, 64% completion rate'

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  • If Stafford even comes within 80% of all of those goals or within 90% of either of those yardage or TD numbers, we’ll probably not lose a game this year.

  • I like a young man who shoots for the stars. With the level of focus he seems to be demonstrating this year and his natural athletic ability, these may very well be achievable…provided he can get some consistency from his receivers.