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Post Transitioning into the season

Thursday August 21, 2008

I like to think about this particular week not as part of preseason camp but as a bye week before the next game. Two-a-days have been over for a while, classes are in session, and Georgia started looking at Georgia Southern earlier in the week.

The Dawgs have already had a few scrimmages this month, but Thursday evening they will hold a practice game at Sanford Stadium to simulate the season opener.

Since the team is transitioning from the offseason into game preparation, we might as well too. The big Georgia Southern news of the day is the suspension of eight players including four starters. (Whew…that’s a load off.) I guess if we want to really find any significance for Georgia in those suspensions it’s that starting DE Damon Suggs is among the suspended. So one of Georgia’s new offensive tackles should have an easier debut with a reserve starting in place of Suggs in Southern’s new 3-3-5 defensive alignment. All-conference DE Larry Beard will still be there to challenge the other side.

Georgia Southern is a very young team, and coach Chris Hatcher “expects 22 of the 25 true freshmen and newcomers to play this season.”

That youth is especially evident on offense where only three starters return. The leading receiver in 2007, Raja Andrews, is among the suspended. The Eagles are also replacing five seniors on the offensive line, and two of the linemen will be redshirt freshmen.

And of course Southern’s starting center will be Georgia Tech transfer Trey Dunmon who endeared himself to the Georgia defensive line in last season’s regular season finale (see below). It should be a pleasant afternoon in Athens for young Trey and his enabling father.

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  • That Dunmon kid is a real class act. But the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it?

    Karma is a bitch Trey. Tread carefully.

  • Backpacking Dawg

    August 21st, 2008
    10:16 am


    Dang, I’d never seen that bit about the ‘enabling father’. I clicked on the link and read what the dad had to say about his son, and ….

    Well, let’s just say it gave me some extra incentive to hate tech. And Georgia Southern, for that matter.

    I wonder why that kid left Tech??

  • Quote from his Dad on that forum link:

    “A UGA fan posted it? Well the crying little whimps. Piss on them and thier ugly ass dog.

    Another point, anyone see the GBI truck sitting out front of the stadium before the game? I did some checking. I thought it was for security and stuff. The true story is ;

    Most of the UGA players were on probation and had to be escorted to the game with thier probation officers, so the carried them all in the GBI truck.

    You see, 2 can play this game.”