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Post Robbing Paul to pay Tommy

Wednesday August 20, 2008

It’s one thing to steal $316,000 from Georgia Tech and the state of Georgia. But using a state credit card to buy Auburn football tickets?

Off with her head!

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  • I wondered when someone would be astute enough to note that along with me.

    Good work.

    Ok, we get it. UGA is Number 1 in 3 dozen polls across the world in college football, including now today Number 1 in the BCS Poll at http://www.collegeBCS.com . Enough of that already. We get it that Matthew Stafford is the Top QB Draft-Eligible Junior after the year, and that Knowshon Moreno is a draft-eligible redshirt sophomore after the season. We know we play 9 games against Top 25 teams this season, so enough already on that too.

    We know the fans of every other football team in the nation are all in here trying to find something negative to say about us and positive to say about their own team in direct retort to all this media attention.

    I’m not used to it. I graduated UGA in the late 70s and we were very good then, great fun to watch from the Railroad Tracks or student $1 tickets, and even when we Won, they didn’t give us credit. I attribute most of that to the articles in the AJ-C sensationalizing things such as UGA has no offensive line, no kicker, a quarterback not as good as Tim Tebow who was 1-4, not MJS’ 3-1 against the Top 25 Final AP Poll teams last year. Presumably, the AJ-C is OUR HOMETOWN PAPER.

    Growing up Dad had season tickets to Sanford, and traveled significantly to away games with seniority points for ticket allocations. He had an UGA Van built-out to his specifications including the Georgia Fight Song on a CD that played when he tooted the horn, Color TV, stand-up space and Captain Chairs. He took me to watch Fran Tarkenton play, as a kid and I will never forget him pointing out that he filled the air with long balls when no one else did. We Won and Won and Won and Won.

    Look, I’m a football fan of my alma mater, have a family with degrees like I as the oldest son, from UGA. I was born a Bulldog. I readily admit I am a Homer Bulldog Fan, and am damn Proud of it.

    I look forward to UGA VII. When I was born Mike was our mascot. I don’t remember him. I remember every UGA, however; and saw each. I Love Dawgs, always have, and they Love me. I am very saddened by Our Loss of UGA VI.

    If I ever watched an NFL game (Dad had season tickets to the Falcons games for years until I said I would not go with him.) it was because I was wanting to see a Georgia Bulldog play in the NFL game. I am told we had season tickets to the Washington Redskins’ games too when my parents met at the Pentagon where they both worked. He decoded secret documents as USMC Major in WWII and she typed them up. He was an Orphan from near Savannah Georgia and she from a well-to-do family in Ohio on the Ohio River.

    I got season tickets to The Bulldogs’ myself when I graduated. I study the Media Guide. I buy the Preseason Magazines. I participate online and have since 1977 when I built my 1st PC and hosted 2 Bulletin Boards as Webmaster.

    I avidly travel to away games, although the 2,000 mile trek down I-20 (which changes its name to I-10) to Tempe, Arizona is not 1 of my current goals – keeping our company afloat in these tough times if far more my goal for the families supported by our technological prowess.

    I go to the bowl games, and always have. I have stories you would love to hear like the 4th and Dumb Dickey play against us at the Gator Bowl in JAX when after the game, I put the 4th down marker under my Matt Robinson Alabama Game Jersey (another great story when everyone was interviewing Matt and they must have thought I was a reporter, so when they opened the locker-room, I walked in with them and he turned to hang it on a hook in his locker, and it fell to the floor so I picked it up and no one noticed.) and carried it home too.

    I’ve seen all this happen. I remember it with alacrity.

    I am ready for a week and 2 days to pass. I’m ready for the season. I will be back in here to tell you how poorly your team did and how well Ours did by direct comparison daily. I want to watch the games, remember The Plays, and Tailgate. Give it your Best Shot : We Will Be.