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Monday August 11, 2008

A coaching change and unconventional offense doesn’t exactly have them lining up for tickets in Atlanta.

The Yellow Jackets have sold 25,767 season tickets, 271 short of last year’s total, associate athletics director Wayne Hogan said last week.

The AJC cites a weak home schedule as one reason for lagging sales, but this is a home slate that includes Virginia, FSU, and Miami. There’s also an SEC showdown with Mississippi State.

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  • The home schedule has squat to do with it.The real reason is simple…No one wants to watch tech play football.

  • Weak home schedule=no UGA to buy up tickets. With no UGA, they’re back to packaging 4 Cokes and a pizza in with their tickets.

  • The AJ-C counted say it, but you have here already. Georgia Tech sells season tickets to UGA fans who throw away the other games, and goes only to see us play. There is no game vs. UGA at Tech this season. Simple. Why can’t the AJ-C bring itself to say it ? Because Mark Bradley, for example, just said in the last week for the AJ-C that “Wouldn’t it be something if Tech beat UGA this season and ruined our season ?”

    Tech is a miserable team with only HOMER AJ-C on its side trying to make out Paul Johnson as great now.

    That will wear off.

    8 in a row.

  • Four hot dogs and four cokes won’t get it done with that wimpy schedule. Better try dinner for four at Bone’s.